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Swyx Phone System

What is Voice and Unified Communications?

Voice and Unified Communications is a collection of different communication channels in the form of Voice, Mobile, Data and Email on one platform. By taking on this technology you will reduce the need for extra phone lines and channels, as well as standard call charges. By utalising the internet you can save so much on everyday call charges, up to 73% on Local and National calls and 59% on calls to Mobiles.

By adopting a Unified Communications system you will drive down costs of unnecessary phone lines, and high call costs.

3 Reasons to switch to SWYX

  • Call savings – We have our own data and communication infrastructure, enabling us to provide cheaper business line rentals and cheaper calls. In fact from our last price comparison we were 73% cheaper than BT on UK Local & National Calls, and 59% Cheaper on UK Mobile calls!
  • Line Rental savings – Replacing your BT Lines with a cheaper more flexible service from e-solutions will save you up to 63% per year.
  • New features – Centralise reception across multiple sites, free calls between colleagues, and different office locations.

We make it easy to switch, why not contact us today to find out more, and for a limited time only anyone that switches gets a free iPad.


SWYX Business phone systems explained

With technological advances constantly evolving, SWYX phone systems have designed an ageless service to better support your business.

SWYX uses your existing network and Microsoft Server to offer you the full functionality of what you would expect from a traditional telephony system and more. As a result, not only is the overall complexity of your infrastructure streamlined, the cost for purchasing, set-up, maintenance and possible extensions is significantly lowered.

SWYX phone systems offer so many features that will improve office efficency. Whether your in or out of the office you will always be connected to all your contacts. Being able to check at any time who is on a call, who is away from their desk, and being able to route calls to anyone no matter there location.

What e-solutions has to offer:

  • A staggering 59% saving on calls to Mobiles
  • Customise specifically for each customer
  • Connects all your employees to one another
  • Easily installed and setup
  • Mobile phone integration
  • Using the power of the internet & reduce all costs
  • Less hardware needed saving you money
  • Free calls between multiple office locations
  • Contact us now for more information
  • Phone calls up to 73% cheaper than BT