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Challenge e-solutions

What could your business do with £1,956 a year? Thats how much we saved Clement Rabjohns each year on their printing costs.

“e-solutions have provided our printer/photocopiers for the past 7 years. We have always found them to be efficient and cost effective and they will always look for the best solution when the contract is renewed.”

Clement Rabjohns, Chartered Accountants
Sarah Sanderson – Client Manager

Clement Rabjohns challenged us and we managed to save them £163 a month, over a year that’s £1956. We simply did a print audit that showed they used over 14 printers and 1 old photocopier. We replaced all these with 3 multifunctional photocopiers on a managed print solution.

Clement Rabjohns now pay a single fee per quarter for all their printing needs. Included in this fee is the full service and repair of each photocopier, preventative maintenance, and all the toner that they need.

Clement Rabjohns now have an average repair response time of 2.5hrs on the photocopiers and no unexpected costs.

Ever worked out exactly how much money your business spends on printing weekly, monthly or annually?

It’s an expense that is easily overlooked yet can be substantial. The Gartner group estimates that between 1 and 3% of annual revenue is spent on printing. One of our main suppliers Canon recently commissioned a report into print management activities in Europe, and found that on average businesses are losing an estimated £14,188 a year.

Challenge e-solutions to see how much we can save you. We offer a free print audit for every company that challenges e-solutions. A free print audit provides a unique insight into printing practices and habits, and provides the basis for cost cutting and savings moving forward.

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