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Document Management

document managementSIMPLY EASY.

A document management system built for you.

M-Files document management has been designed with the user in mind – everything about M-Files seems familiar. Microsoft Office look and feel, incredible document search capabilities, supports all windows files, fastest growing document management software 2012 – everything you need from a document management program without the confusion.

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M-Files Super Fast Search.

Need a document at the blink of an eye.

Find documents and files quicker with M-Files. What really makes M-Files stand out is the speed in which files and documents are found. Perfect solution for any business needing documents in seconds not minutes!

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m-files-controlKeep all files safe & secure.

Encrypted and audited documents.

Being responsible for sensitive data is more important than ever. With the Data Protection Act in place organisations must securely store all customer data.

With M-Files all your documents are kept secure. With version control as well as a full document audit you can refer back to a older version of any document and see who and when somebody accessed a document.

M-Files also allows documents to be password protected and even hidden from selected departments, groups or users.

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Documents the way you want them.

Organise documents how ever you like.

With M-Files you can dynamically group and view your documents in any way you want.

You could group all documents relating to a company, view all proposals created in March, view all invoices processed to one individual for 2012 – there are no limits to what views you can create.

The best thing about the way M-Files use views is that no document is duplicated. Its the same document in each view and search result, stopping you from having duplicated documents that cause confusion days or weeks later.

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Its so simple why not try a free trial?

See for your self why M-Files is the fastest growing Document Management Software in the UK.


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