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Electronic Filing System

electronic filing system


An electronic filing system made easy.

M-Files has been developed with end users in mind. How many times have you come across or read about electronic filing systems and thought that’s far to complicated!

Finally M-Files have launched there electronic filing system also known as M-Files Document Management. It’ll organise, find, share and publish all your documents and files. By empowering your employees with M-Files you’ll be able to say goodbye to endless browsing through folders and old emails looking for the correct document.

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Reasons why M-Files makes offices more efficient

  • Search & find documents instantly

  • Documents full audit history available

  • Access documents from any location

  • Scan straight in to M-Files

  • Preserve older versions of a document

  • Familiar look and feel of windows

  • Audit report of who has viewed, edited and used a document

  • Ensure appropriate people have reviewed, edited and approved files & records

  • Control documents by departments, groups and users

electronic filing

Electronic filing system.

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