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How Managed Print Services Work

How Managed Print Services Work (MPS)

Learning how managed print services work (MPS) is of major benefit to all organisations. From our perspective it is important that clients get a clear understanding of what it can achieve and what e-solutions offers.

A ‘managed print service’ means something different to different people. But the one key factor is that a managed print service will take the burden of printing away from an organisation.

e-solutions’ managed print services focus on improving an organisation’s document workflow which will drive down costs, reduce paper waste and increase productivity. This is all done by effectively managing your devices, implementing new and improved efficient document processes.

It’s not just about your printer or photocopier, it’s about the way you work!

As much as you would think a new system is all down to the device, it really isn’t. It is all about how devices and software integrate with you and your documents. Being able to have all documents available at the click of a button, and being able to walk up to any device in the building to print the exact document you need can be a massive time saver and workflow experience.

We help you think about the way you work and identify areas that can be improved to save you time and reduce costs.

Allowing e-solutions to Jump In

First we research in to your working environment to identify areas that need addressing and devise an appropriate cost and waste saving solution to implement. By understanding your current situation, we can show you areas that are costing you more than is necessary.

On over 92% of the managed print services we have implemented, we have been able to save organisations’ money instantly.

Developing and designing your solution

We pride ourselves on being able to customise a solution that will give you instant savings and excellent long term results.

We use all the information we have gathered about your current situation and objectives, and with our knowledge and expertise, we develop a solution that will enable you to achieve your goals, both in terms of costs and productivity.

Our innovative thorough process and solution development focuses on re-thinking your current processes to get the best for your organisation. We aim to incorporate your current devices and existing hardware where possible and, by using the latest technology, we install and integrate only the necessary new hardware, software and support services to take your organisation forward.

Cost reduction

Our main aim is to always save you money. So we always look to utilise your existing equipment where possible. By doing this your costs will be dramatically reduced, e-solutions have the ability to service and support all makes of print devices. Being an independent managed print service provider allows us to be able to Jump In and take over straight away.

Proposed Solution

Once the solution is ready we will present it to you at one of our demonstration centres so that you know exactly what you are getting. By doing this you get to see and feel the new solution, testing out different areas and making sure everything that we proposed is up to your standards.

We will provide a detailed report on what cost savings you will see and areas we will be developing. Included in this will be a detailed report of your situation before the MPS solution, including print/copy volume, costs, service costs, maintenance and total wasted costs.

We will then show you what your new costs will be and the savings we have made you as well as taking all future print related issues off your hands. Including a detailed floor plan of old device locations, the new proposed floor plan and detailed reasons for the new implementation.

The solution is then discussed with the customer so that they understand and feel comfortable with the changes. Changes and adapting the plan alongside the customer is crucial to a successful roll out.

Implementing and Managing the solution

Once both parties have agreed on the solution we decide on the best way to implement this, whether it is gradual, on a week day or over a weekend.

We take care of the rest, installation and implementation will be over before you know it as our dedicated installation technicians have years and years of experience. Once we have the initial installation complete our trained technicians will work with key members of your staff to make sure the solutions do what was agreed. Once they are happy with the implementation we will begin a total training program that will make sure all staff members are educated on the systems. As a backup we provide on-going support throughout the life of the contract we also setup your own unique online training portal so that if a staff member needs a quick reminder they can view an online video. This is very useful for new starters and for a refresh of the solution.

On-going service and support begins from day one. We provide remote diagnostic tools for all our devices so that if there is an issue we get notified without your staff being disturbed. In most cases we will know about the problem before you do.

This system also covers your toner and other consumables. Whenever your device reaches a specific threshold of toner available, it will notify us so that we can dispatch a new toner that day. This system is managed by e-solutions and needs no assistance from your staff members. By having this diagnostics system in place we can save your staff member time and hassle wasted sorting printing issues.

One last benefit of our diagnostic management system is that it allows customer to view their devices in real time and to pull reports on print volumes and costs. You will never be kept in the dark about how much your printing and how much you’re spending day by day. You can even view who is printing the most and to what device!

If you would like to find out more on how managed print services work, contact e-solutions on 0844 848 6444.