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Lease Line Dedicated

Lease Line dedicated across 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

 Reliability is key, that’s why we run a 100% service

We have alternative lines for all our data centres. By having an alternative route we can provide you with uninterrupted internet access.

Who switches?

Due to the increasing number of business broadband and consumer users in the market, this will no doubt dramatically affect businesses proportion of Internet usage. Therefore during peak times businesses are facing downtime and reduction in speed, resulting in businesses switching for an uncontended alternative – dedicated lease line.

By having a lease line dedicated to your needs, you’ll be putting in place to have a guaranteed agreement to receive a certain speed for uploading and downloading. Unlike a standard broadband agreement a leased line guarantees your speeds and it offers a considerable increase in speed both uploading and downloading.

Customer that take on a leased line usually require the ability to transfer large files across the internet or need a continuous connection between multiple offices.

What types of traffic can a dedicated lease line carry?

  • Standard Internet applications – Web pages, emails, FTP traffic, streaming video
  • WAN Traffic – Sending and transmitting Data between office locations
  • Telephone Calls - VoIP and streaming media service using SIP Trunking

What are the other benefits?

As technology and innovation advances, a leased line is often cheaper than running expensive ISDN30 circuits and does not incur any downtime.

The prices of Private Circuits – Lease Lines are lowering because of the improvements marked in optical networking and DSL technologies. e-solutions are at the forefront of this pioneering technology.

Experience uninterrupted connectivity across sending data and speedy uploading or downloading. When the Internet is a crucial and integral part of your business choose leased lines for a safe proof platform to assist with the smoother operations within your business.

Find out more on ‘Lease Line Dedicated’ or for a quick quote call 0844 848 6444.