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Leased Line Costs

Top quality and competitive leased line costs

We offer a wide range of flexible speeds and business bandwidth cost to suit individual business needs. We can provide fast reliable broadband line speeds from a starting leased line of 1mb up to a massive 1Gb.

Leased Lines are a premium platform for improved connectivity and communication. A leased line is a perfect solution in heavy Internet usage for data transfer, connectivity between multiple sites and running VoIP applications. All these elements are uncontended for the ideal experience in office workflow for all your daily tasks. Here at e-solutions we truly believe that we have the ability and infrastructure to save on your overall costs.

Experience up-time and improved productivity levels across time taken to complete tasks.

Leased Line Costs can come in variable packages because of what your data transfer requirements are.

Popular packages

  • Option 1: Business Starter - 10mb leased line. This package provides a guaranteed 10mb business broadband connection. Providing small businesses the platform they need.
  • Option 2: Business Medium - 20mb business leased line. This package provides 20mb for those users that work in a demanding environment that need faster uploading speeds to share large design files or video clips.
  • Option 3: Business Large – 100mb business leased line. This package provides 100mb connectivity, offering unbeatable value. Download and upload files in seconds with no slow down.
  • Option 4: Business Ultimate - 1gb business leased line. This package provides 1Gb of line speed. Download and upload at the blink of an eye – a truly instant download and upload of critical files.

The options above are just a small selection of the packages available. In order to see the real benefits, speak to our team of trained advisors who can provide you with transparent costing and upfront advise based on your requirements.

Unsure what you need? Contact us today for more information 0844 848 6444.

What leased line is best for you?