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Leased Line Speed

A Leased line speed is faster with e-solutions

We have multiple data halls across the country to offer you excellent speeds. Our highest dedicated speed is 1GB and our lowest starts at 1mb.

Whether you need a dedicated 10mb leased line or a 500mb leased line we have the package for you.

A faster Leased Line speed is an essential part on improved connectivity levels, more so than you would initially assume. The number of users, uploading and downloading of data can adversely affect your office and employees workflow depending on your usage.

Usually with a business broadband connection, during peak times most users are faced with a delay in sending or receiving information because of the sharing of space in transmission of data. However with a leased line the connection and bandwidth is uncontended and dedicated for your company’s sole use. Therefore this premium service that you’ll be receiving will guarantee optimum performance.

Althought this will appear more expensive than your usual business broadband, however rest assure we provide the most competitive packages available and we will save you money long term. An impressive leased line speed will provide a more cost effictive solution and increase efficiency.

Speak to e-solutions for an Internet speed test to see what speeds would be most suitable for your needs.