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Save 30% on your business leased line

  • Fast dedicated connection with no slow down

  • Cheaper prices than BT & Virgin

  • Dedicated account manager for every customer

  • No call centres or queues, Uk based offices

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  • Connected

    Pick a provider that won't lock you in to 1 speed for the life of your contract. We offer our customers the freedom to move between speeds depending on their requirements.

  • Competitior Comparison

    We provide you with a line that not only offers speeds of up to 1GB but each Leased Line comes with a backup connection. So your never left disconnected!

  • Smart Thinking

    By picking e-solutions as your leased line provider you'll have room to grow. Once the line is in place we can easily host your applications, backup your data and manage your DR.

Leased Line

As a Leased Line Provider, our priority is to guarantee the best leased line services available to ensure the smooth running your business needs. Whether your business is based in a single office or has multiple located sites, at e-solutions we ensure that you are provided with the fastest business broadband available.

A leased line provider is simply a devoted data line that seamlessly connects businesses to the Internet. Linking two locations, a leased line eliminates any restrictions associated with insufficient bandwidth and offers a high level of speed quality. Leased lines ensure that your connectivity is never shared, unlike broadband services which often cause unwanted delays, allowing a continuous connection where data can be transferred both efficiently and securely without any interruptions.

Leased Lines your way

Leased lines offer the fastest business broadband experience and cost effective solution for substantial Internet users, allowing full control of your internet access. Commonly known as ‘private circuits’ or ‘data lines’, a leased line can be tailored to your exact requirements, growing with your business and ensuring you only ever pay for what you use.

Stay Connected

Through continuous investment and support of our customers, e-solutions can guarantee your business receives an uninterrupted service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  An e-solution’s leased line runs on a secure backup system which is continually maintained and monitored. Should you lose connectivity, your line can be quickly switched to a live connection ensuring minimal interruption in your work flow.

Hosting state of the art servers and dedicated circuits, our facilities at e-solutions will allow you to fully manage your broadband bandwidth and leased line. Dedicated to increasing productivity, an e-solutions leased line will ensure a fast, reliable service that is designed to work and integrate in your existing work environment.

Contact us today for a lease line quote, 0844 848 6444.