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Why choose a leased line?

Connectivity is an integral part to the success of any organisation. Like all leased line investments, you want to see value for money as well as high speeds and reliability.

Our leased lines and service are a larger investment than our standard broadband connection, but the benefits easily out-weigh the costs for the ultimate connectivity experience.

With e-solutions business leased lines, you can be assured that you will receive a rapid and dependable Internet connection.

It doesn’t just stop there. There are a multitude of reasons to switch to us as your provider, it’s important to know what level of Internet connection is realistically required.

We have devised the following 5 points that should always be factored when selecting leased lines or business broadband provider:

1. How many users are there in your business?

Typically a business broadband connection is not designed for large offices; therefore the handling and performance will not meet your expectations. As the number of operators increase, the likelihood is that you will benefit more from a robust leased line connection. A Leased Line is far more suited to this type of business infrastructure.

It is essential to consider the expected usage of bandwidth requirement per user. If the usual bandwidth requirement per user is relatively great, usually small offices may also benefit from an e-solutions connection.

Our aim is to help you gain an in depth understanding of the best internet service for your business requirements. To find out more, call us on 0844 848 6444.

2. How critical is uploading to your business?

Naturally a large bandwidth will be ideal to aid the transfer  and upload of data. Usually when sending large files, hosted data conducted at a head office or facilities supporting end operators will also experience fast download speeds.

e-solutions Leased Lines will guarantee symmetric upload speeds to the same rate as download speeds.

3. How can internet connection speed affect your business?

With a common business broadband connection, during peak times and at certain points of the day you are likely to be exposed to variable speeds or a reduction in speed.

e-solutions Leased Lines offer dedicated bandwidth that is never shared with other Internet users operating on a 1:1 contention ratio. We are confident that we offer an unparalleled service to meet your business needs.

4. How much bandwidth do you need?

Unfortunately there are external factors that will always affect Broadband speed, such as the distance from the exchange, line quality, contention and other factors.

With e-solutions Leased Lines we supply guaranteed dedicated bandwidth so your applications run continuously, for an optimum performance uninterrupted.

5. What happens if your internet connection goes down, would you lose business?

At e-solutions we offer an astounding Service Level Agreement (SLA) incorporating money back targets to give confidence to our customers across our service delivery, availability and performance.

With e-solutions Leased Lines our aim is to exceed your expectations, but on the other hand if we don’t meet our targets, e-solutions will give you money back on a later bill.

We’re confident that our level of service is unmatched due to our smart system ,which activates our backup infrastructure for your total peace of mind. This type of infrastructure provides you with guaranteed connectivity unlike any other Internet connection you will have ever touched on. It’s like having multiple leased lines just in-case one fails.

If you would like more information on pricing for leased lines call us on 0844 848 6444.