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Simply Easy

M-Files, easy and affordable solution for managing documents.

Being able to find a document you created last year or even last week can be a timely exercise, with M-Files it needn’t be!

Just think no more complicated file structures on individual computers or shared network folders. Find the document you need straight away with no possibility of losing a document or duplicating it.

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Key Benefits of M-Filesm-filess-creen

1. Familiar look and feel for all Windows users

  • Integrated in to your windows browser, familiar to use for anyone.
  • Easily found on your desktop or computer home screen.
  • Easily drag and drop documents from anywhere to file away in to M-Files.
  • No limits to what can be held in M-Files.
  • Do all your document filing in seconds.





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2. Get Control of all your documents

  • Every document shows a details audit trail, eliminating version issues.
  • Preserve older versions of a document.
  • Keeps a record of changes made to the document.
  • Logs all users that use the document.






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3. Search for any document in less than a second

  • M-Files will find the document your looking for instantly.
  • Dynamically view documents in any structure you choose.
  • Make the same document available in several views without duplicating the document.
  • Search for documents, emails and any other fill type you have stored.





4. Access your documents anywhere


  • M-Files can be accessed anywhere in the World with the correct admin rights.
  • Using a Web Browser use M-Files to access your documents across the globe.
  • Remarkably fast over a standard internet connection.
  • Take documents offline and work on them on the move.

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