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PaperCut is a simple, low cost software application that lets you take control and manage your printing, copier and MFD use.

PaperCut is a copier and print management application. Simple to install and use.  It’s features eliminate waste, encourage responsible behaviour and make users and departments responsible for their usage. PaperCut includes embedded software that runs on your copier/MFP to enable tracking, control and to secure print release directly from the device’s panel.

PaperCut is easily configured and is suitable for sites of any size regardless of environment, platform or MFP/printer make and model. Currently used in over 40,000 sites worldwide and translated into more than 20 languages, PaperCut is a product you can both trust and easily afford.

Why Papercut?

PaperCut is regarded as the simplest system of its type to deploy and manage. System administrators have full access to administration and configuration via a familiar web interface. It offers:

• User directory integration and automatic user account creation (e.g. Active Directory and others)

• Secure print release and find me printing

• Administrator dashboard with real time status updates

• Web print, driverless printing for wireless devices

• Optional client and account billing

• Ability to encourage responsible use via popup notifications

PaperCut in Education

Print quotes are a very effective way of controlling printing in an education environment. You can limit students to a fix quota per period (e.g. £5 per week, month or term). Once a student exceeds their quota, printing will stop and they will need to add value to their account or request further funds.

Pre-Paid/Top up Cards is a simple voucher system for purchasing additional print credits. Administrators can print out a batch of single-use cards with a pre-defined value. Users redeem cards by entering the card’s unique code on a web page.