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Photocopier Leasing


Leasing a photocopier from e-solutions

Photocopier leasing is a managed alternative to purchasing a photocopier outright. There is no capital expenditure and the payment scheme allows for easy management, whilst being 100% tax deductible.

A photocopier lease from e-solutions couldn’t be easier, we offer flexible photocopier leases that will suit your business. By identifying your requirements we can arrange a photocopier lease for a duration of between two to a five year period.

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Making the right choice

When buying a photocopier you are able to claim 40% of the purchase price against tax in the 1st year and afterwards claim 25% of the outstanding balance.

If you lease a photocopier you do not have to pay the cost of the photocopier upfront and you may reclaim the entirety you pay out on a quarterly basis.

Photocopier leasing also releases your business from using up capital needlessly; buying a photocopier ties up money in that asset.

In fact investment can be made in more beneficial projects because we strongly believe photocopier leasing allows the business to manage their budget more successfully.

Getting a Photocopier lease

Contact e-solutions today, we’ll be happy to advise you on your photocopier requirements and any leasing questions you may have.