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What photocopiers can do

Photocopiers do a lot more today than ever before. They have evolved from just a simple copying device to a multifunctional device packed with features.

You can now get a full colour device full of extra features for a fraction of what an old black and white copier would have cost you.

Can your photocopier scan to email?

Scan-to-email can send a document to any number of people anywhere in the world at practically no cost. Your paper documents can be converted into a format that is convenient for the recipient (e.g. PDF) and sent in such a simple way that any user can do it.

Scanning from a photocopier to anywhere in the world is a huge benefit to most companies. It cuts costs on posting or faxing and helps reduce your carbon footprint. Our photocopiers have the ability to email to any destination. Could be as simple as emailing a hardcopy contract to a customer or a urgent paper document that needs to be across the world A.S.A.P. We can set your photocopier up to have an address book full of contacts.

As standard we set this up on all our photocopiers we provide.

Scan your paper documents in to PDF’s

Scan To Folder can transform the way you deal with paper documents. We can setup a shared folder on your network or leaise with your IT to set this up if you prefer to enable individuals or everyone to access the files scanned. We then create a link from your photocopier to this shared folder to enable you to send your scanned documents direct into this folder.

There is really no limit to what this feature can do. Several of our customers use this to scan directly in to there document management system. This can save a lot of time and money.

Booklets, staple documents, collate hundreds of documents and more…

Todays photocopiers can do amazing things and they are all available to you. Depending on your requirements there will be a perfect photocopiers for you.

The majority of photocopiers have optional features such as booklet finishers, poster makers and much much more.

Speak to us today to find out what we can do for you.

e-solutions unique remote diagnostic system

No longer worry about running low on toner. With remote-sol you’ll be fully automated with toner re-ordering. As soon as your device starts to run low on toner, an alert is sent to e-solutions and a new toner will be dispatched. You’ll never be without!

Never ring for a service call again! Remote-sol also alerts e-solutions with intelligent information when an error occurs, allowing our field technicians to quickly respond to the call. This reduces administration burdens, increases up-time for your printers and copiers, and helps you to optimise the productivity of your equipment.

This feature is installed as standard on all our devices at no cost to you.

Keeping your documents safe

Right now your computers are probably guarded by technology: firewalls, virus protection and even data encryption. But what about the valuable information you print, fax or send? It could easily be lost, damaged or stolen. It’s time to secure the hard-earned information your business owns.

We can help!

Ensuring that business critical information in physical and digital format is not exposed or disclosed to unauthorized individuals or systems. Our photocopiers use secure transfer of data, and they feature secure data storage so that no confidential documents can be recovered from a multifunctional printer’s hard disk drive. This feature enables secure digital mail boxes that keep your documents secure until you’re ready to print.

This means that information remains true to the original version, thanks to the control of changes or deletions by prior authorisation. In many industries, ensuring the integrity of documents is a legal requirement.

Save on a fax

All our photocopiers have the option to include a fax. So save space and have your photocopier become a fax machine as well.

Looking to save paper? Well we can enable the photocopier to forward faxes on to an email address; less paper used saving you money and most likely hassle.