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Print Audit


Where can you cut costs?

Our FREE print audit will show you how much is being spent on office printing.

We will give you an accurate break down of output costs, plus we can show you who or which department is printing the most.

  • Accurate break down of output costs
  • With no time, resources or expenditure needed from you
  • Colour & B&W print volumes
  • Which printers are used the most
  • How much is being spent on toner, ink etc
  • Department and user printing volumes
  • Reported back to you in a clear format

How much will this cost me?

Nothing. If you choose to have a print audit conducted we won’t charge you a penny – even if you decide to take a print solution from somebody else.

Why should i have a print audit?

A print audit will help you understand how much you’re paying out each day for your printing needs. You’ll see the true costs of running your print devices – from a small HP desktop printer to a large multifunctional photocopier.

You will learn about costs that you never thought about or expected to be so high. For example, a standard HP desktop printer can cost around 6x more then a business engineered printer, which suits your individual requirements.

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