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Never lose a file again, with simple Document Management

Store, organise and manage your documents with one simple solution

Time and time again, EBC Group finds businesses lacking any kind of formal filing system, leaving documents unmanaged, messy and scattered on various hard drives. It’s not uncommon to find employees wasting hours each week simply looking for a certain document or file, only to find these have been misfiled or are irretrievable.

Trying to find a successful solution for managing the increasingly amount of digitalised files and documents can seem like a real headache, but needn’t be.

Introducing the latest in document management software, our M-Files solution makes the retrieval of documents simple and efficient, by allowing businesses to maintain and track their files, via onsite or cloud based software.


Flexible and Dynamic

Providing instantaneous retrieval of documents, M-Files simply centralizes all information and data in to one dynamic search tool that allows you to access your files anywhere, at anytime.

With advanced security features, M-files allows you to lock documents, in addition to assigning permissions levels, whether that be management, accounts or HR.

From small business to large organisations, M-Files brought to you by e-Solutions can accommodate any unique business requirement, tailoring and integrating with your existing workflows.


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