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Variable cost printing is simple, you pay less for colour printing!

Do you pay one flat fee for all your colour copies/prints? Does one colour print out cost the same as another regardless of what you printed? With e-solutions this is no longer the case.

We have taken Pay Per Click to a new level and made it more accurate!
We’re launching variable cost printing.
What variable cost printing does is split your colour printing into 3 levels. By doing this you only pay for the amount of colour you print. An example of this would be if a company printed their own letterheads that contained their colour logo they would normally pay the full price for their colour print. With variable cost printing they would only pay for the colour used on the logo. This usually being around 0.6% to 1% on average so the print would cost them 1p instead of 6p. Over a month that kind of saving can save a company hundreds of pounds, and the great thing is it works on most of our photocopiers, so you don’t need specialised devices!

Our billing is simple: A level 1 print will cost 1 penny, and a level 3 will cost 6 pence. Level 3 is the highest level so your print will never cost any more than 6 pence.

If you’re interested in further information on our variable cost printing please call is on: 0844 848 6444

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