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What is a Photocopier?

What is a Photocopier explained

What is a photocopier? It is basically a printer that can also scan. More technically its a multifunctional device, not only can it print but it can copy a paper document you need duplicating. This is a photocopier at it’s simplest form. Today photocopiers do so much more, from sending scanned documents all over the world to securing print documents in a virtual hold that only you have the password for.

Photocopier add-ons & extras

The majority of photocopiers will have the ability to have features added at any time. So you may originally want a photocopier for a specific reason but then 2 years down the line need it for something completely different. An example of this is if you bought a photocopier and at the time of purchase didn’t require a booklet finisher. However 2 years later you need to be able to create booklets. You would simply talk to your photocopier provider and ask to have a finisher installed, thus allowing you to create professional booklets.

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Which photocopier is best is a question that can’t be answered without knowing your requirements and the amount you copy/print. For more help on this contact us today and we will be more than happy to give you guidance.