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Why Should e-solutions manage my organisations services?

We know that we can help every organisation save by adopting a managed solution from e-solutions.

We offer a comprehensive range of managed services, from print solutions and document management, to IT services, cloud computing, disaster recovery, as well as voice and unified communications.

The reason that organisations choose to take on a managed service is to reduce waste, save time and money. With a managed solution we take the hassle away from you and take care of your office services. By allowing us to take over we can use our knowledge and experience to cut your costs.

Managed Print Solutions

We can identify and provide the most effective managed print solution for your organisation. It can be as simple as allowing us to take over your current photocopiers and printers to a widespread company print solutions roll out. The higher your print usage the more advanced a managed print solutions will be but the greater the savings will be.

Our main objective is always to help you exceed in what your trying to achieve. By taking the hassle away from your staff having to order toner, change toner,  diagnose issues, call for technical support and wait hours even days for the device to be repaired.

Not only do we relieve all your staff of this we save your business money that would normally be wasted on over priced consumables and wasted time that could be spent else where.

Document Systems

Ever wanted to introduce a paper less office but found it impossible? By introducing document software systems it needn’t be.

Our paperless solutions offer you the ability to scan, store and search in seconds. With the ability to completely automate your office daily tasks, saving staff hours each day.

Due to legal and regulatory requirements, the demand for secure and safeguarded information has increased more and more. With our document systems everything is secure and protected with no risk of deletion or tapering.

Its not document management its a new way of working. Implementation is easy and training is minimal. You will see reduced paper usage straight away, reduced costs wasted on consumables and paper, as well as a better return from staff. No longer will individuals need to spend time filing or searching for hidden documents.

Managed IT Services

Imagine turning up to work and not being able to email, process documents or respond to client’s emails!

Time and time again we see organisations that don’t backup or maintain healthy computer systems.

With an e-solutions managed IT service you’ll have this worry taken away from you. With round the clock backups and assistance you’ll be ready for any threat.

Outsourcing your data services allows you to store, protect and retrieve vital information in the knowledge that you’ll never experience data loss or unexpected costs.

If this wasn’t a enough of a reason to have your IT services managed by e-solutions, you’ll also reduce costs by removing servers, cooling systems, backups and power consumption.

Voice and Unified Communications

Transform your business communications by bring together all means of communication – Voice, Mobile, Data and Email on to one platform.

Simplify your office communications in to managed solutions. Being able to control the way you communicate in or out of the office is vital for organisations. By unifying your communication methods you’ll keep brand consistency throughout and have the ability to be in the office anywhere in the world.

e-solutions have invested in creating our own data and communications infrastructure, enabling us to provide all our services directly from our West Midlands and South West offices.

By being a completely independent service provider we can offer you fantastic savings on your landlines, data connectivity, business phone systems and mobile phones. By taking advantage of our connectivity services you’ll find considerable savings on each service.

For example, in the last 8 months when switching business landlines to e-solutions from BT a average saving of 39% was seen.

We would love the opportunity to talk to you further. Whether it be on the phone or a visit we’re here to help.

Contact us on 0844 848 6444 or fill out our online contact form below:

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